Protect Chaco Call-in Day Alert (please share far and wide)

Martin Luther King Jr. led efforts toward creating a just, equal, and loving world. In a show of solidarity, we’re asking people to take this message to their congressional delegates (wherever they are based) to uphold the principles of racial equality and environmental justice, as well as ask their delegates to support a federal protections bill for the Greater Chaco Landscape and surrounding communities.

If the coast of Florida is saved from offshore drilling, then all places of social, economic and cultural significance should be, too. Chaco Culture National Historical Park is a UNESCO-designated World Heritage Site in northwestern New Mexico, and the surrounding communities are besieged by industrialized horizontal fracking.

Please, call YOUR congressional delegates and ask that they support a federal protections bill for the Greater Chaco Landscape and surrounding communities.

If you’re in New Mexico, call Senators Tom Udall (202) 224-6621 and Martin Heinrich (202) 224-5521 and Congressman Ben Ray Lujan (202) 225-6190 and Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham (who’s running for NM Governor) (202) 225-6316.

If you’re not in NM, click here to locate your congressional delegate. Protecting Greater Chaco needs national support.

Demand that the Bureau of Land Management cancel the March lease sale and engage in meaningful tribal consultation. Sacrificing the physical health, social, and cultural well-being of the American public and this sacred landscape for a dying fossil-fuel industry is unacceptable.

Fill in this form if you made the call (see sample script below).

And when sharing on social media, please use the hashtag: #frackoffchaco


Sample Script (included in form):

Please call your senators and congressional representative and demand they uphold the principles of racial equality and environmental justice.

Here’s a sample script. Tell the person who answers the phone:

“Hi, my name is _________ and I live in (CITY), New Mexico, (ZIP CODE).* I’m calling to ask Senator/Congressman to call for a moratorium on all drilling in Greater Chaco until the Bureau of Land Management assures adequate safeguards for public health, sacred sites, just economies and the environment.

If the federal government can prevent offshore drilling off the coast of Florida, it should do the same for public lands in Greater Chaco.

Please support a federal bill to protect the sacred landscapes of Greater Chaco and calls to cancel the March 8 oil and gas lease sale for the area. Nearly 4,500 more acres of land in Greater Chaco would be sacrificed to industrialized fracking. We’re depending on our public officials to protect our communities, culture, and climate and stand up to Trump and Zinke and not allow one more acre of sacred land to be leased for fracking.”

*If you’re not from New Mexico, identify yourself as a concerned citizen.

photo credit: detso


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#frackoffchaco #keepitintheground


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