The Fields Where by Renee Lauzon

Title: The Fields Where

Size: 16″ x 16″
Medium: Oil and mixed media on wood panel
Year Created: 2018

This is 2/5 in our 5-part Artist Preview. Today we are honored to present artist, Renee Lauzon. We asked Renee why she’s donating to the Greater Chaco Art Auction and Benefit – and what role does art play in the struggle to protect communities and environments….

Out of all the requests that artists receive for donations, what made you decide to become involved with this event?

I’m new to New Mexico but I’m learning about the land and about what is [being] done to the land. Oil drilling and fracking is unacceptable and poses enormous risks to the land and communities that live there.

Why is art so important in facilitating change?

Art is a catalyst for paradigm shifts. Art can feel the pulse, the energy of these shifts. Artists can deploy complex and nuanced ideas where there is stagnation and hegemony. Artists often mingle with diverse groups with progressive values and that multiplicity is dangerous to the status quo.

#artspeaks     #art4chaco     #frackoffchaco

***Art Submissions continue through April 22nd.


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