Greater Chaco Benefit Artist Shannon Weber

Vintage papers, rust dyed, burned.

Encaustic, markings and burned, writing,

Reclaimed beach debris.

Today is day 5 of our 5-part Artist Preview, and we are honored to introduce the amazing Pacific Northwest artist, Shannon Weber.  

Shannon’s works are exhibited both nationally and internationally and have received numerous awards. They are also held in public and private collections along with being seen and featured in 48 publications worldwide. She also teaches classes at various locations around the world (including Santa Fe).

Locally, Shannon’s work can be found in the Encaustic Art Institute’s Permanent Collection in Santa Fe.  

When Shannon learned of the May 12th Greater Chaco Art Auction and Benefit at the Santa Fe Art Institute, she generously and enthusiastically donated to a cause that she believes in and supports.

About Shannon (Textile Artist dot org):

“I came onto the planet attuned to watching nature and collecting lost forgotten objects. I spent every minute I could in the outdoors during my childhood – I would be riding my bike or playing along the river. These were times when you were free to roam and no one came looking for you during the day.

I would spend hours on end outside building forts, talking to rocks and climbing trees. I recall spending a lot of time at my aunt’s farmhouse where she had huge gallon glass jars of red buttons. She would give me a jar with a needle and thread and I would sit for hours sorting and stringing.  She also allowed me to keep my collections from nature, whereas my mother would throw them out. Many years later when she was getting ready to pass she said to me, “You have always been an interested and curious child and I think one day you will make wonderful things”.

I started making various objects and vessels with my accumulated materials. Soon, folks started to notice and ask questions. They wanted to buy my vessels and they wanted to learn how they could do what I was doing. Since we were located so far up the river in a remote village and I still had small children, I had people come and stay for days with us. I would take them into the marshes and along the river to gather rushes, willow, and roots and show them what could be done with their bounty. And so it goes today that I can show what to do with a grownups version of a child’s magic collection and stash of all things wild and lost.” (
To learn more about Shannon and to see more of her work:
#art4chaco     #artspeaks     #frackoffchaco

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