Watch this amazing video, described below by Marion Wasserman – who generously provided the link in support of the upcoming Greater Chaco Art Auction and Benefit on May 12th, 2018.

“This video is a trailer for a project of resistance and healing around the multitude of oil drills / energy extraction sites all around this country and especially on native reservation lands and national parks including Chaco Canyon. This was shot at an undisclosed site near to Chaco Canyon, with women who wanted to offer healing to the waters, the land, the sky and the people of this earth. Music – ‘Fight’, by Tanya Tagaq was kindly offered in support of this action. In gratitude to the women of this video, making their offerings in an effort of healing and resistance to the ever- expanding oil and natural gas extraction at Hopi, Navajo, Bears Ears, the Badlands, Jicarilla Apache and other protected sites of wilderness and heritage. In the name of the oil industry and in denial of climate change, fracking and even uranium mining is growing at an alarming rate across this country. We offer MEDICINE WHEEL – this piece of resistance to the groups and individuals working to prevent fracking expansion and natural gas and oil wells.” – Marion Wasserman


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